Recruitment and selection

Our recruitment procedure

After your application, we immediately post a vacancy. In the vacancy, we include information about your organisation, its activities, job requirements and our offer. Interested candidates can apply directly via our website or send their CV to our recruiters. One of our recruiters contacts candidates by phone. We do this in the language mastered by the candidate. We speak Dutch, English, Polish, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. If the interview is positive from both sides, a follow-up interview takes place at our office or via video call, depending on the candidate’s place of residence. Before the candidate starts working for you, an interview is always held at the office so that our recruiter can get a good idea of the candidate.

Full screening

When there is a perfect match between a candidate and you as a client, we do an identification check and a reference check on work history. We check any required certificates and take knowledge tests on the candidate, if required. If we have found the perfect match, a candidate can start working within 48 hours of the first contact moment!

  • Video calls and meeting at our office
  • Identification check with ID scanner
  • Reference check work history
  • Interview in language of choice
  • Knowledge tests